February 2018
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Creating A WebsiteThere are many things to consider when creating a website or blog. Of course, you need to decide whether or not you are going to have an ecommerce site that sells goods or if you are going to have a content site that provides valuable information. Is it a hobby or a service?

Once you have considered what type of site you wish to create there are several more things to consider before creating your website.

Your Target Audience

Look over your website and make sure that you have nailed your target audience. If your audience is too broad, your message will get lost along the way.

Make Certain to Use Social Media

Make certain that you have incorporated social media buttons on your website. No website today is successful without these. 

Provide a Way for Visitors to Communicate

Make certain that your visitors have access to a frequently asked question page, a place to post blog comments, or a forum to chat in with others. It is also important for you to be an active participant in any arena when your blog does go live. No visitor wants to feel disengaged.

Check Your Content

Have someone professional look over your content for simple grammar errors. Ask the opinion of others before going live to see what input they would offer you. Make sure your content is engaging and using appropriate keywords in the headline and first paragraph of your page.

Learn SEO

Learn a little bit about the basics of Search Engine Optimization. Learn how to use appropriate keywords and metatags so that you can rank in the search engines.

Check Your Links

Have a professional webmaster look at your links and make sure that they are working properly. Broken links are frustrating and annoying to visitors.

Set Up an Editorial Calendar

Learn how to create and use an editorial calendar. An editorial calendar allows you to keep ahead of trends and upcoming holidays, as well as keeping you super organized.

Check out the Competition

Do not be afraid to check out the competition for ideas and creativity. Also, do not be afraid to reach out to other blogs and ask for input and to possibly guest blog on a blog roll for future posts.

Do Not to Forget to Check for Permission

Check for permission if you are using any content or quotes from anyone else and also check for permission rights to photos.

These are just a few helpful starter tips on what to consider before going live with your website or blog.